Gina Kiel

Gina was the first artist we commissioned for a WCF wrapper, and this bar is a true original. Still our most popular flavour, this salted caramel brittle artwork was inspired by the alluring; featuring our now iconic tiger, liquid caramel, sugar cane and of course, the cacao pod.

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Jordan Debney

Much like some of our flavours, we want our artwork to be explosive, bright and intense. Jordan brought the Raspberry Milk Chocolate Bar to life with the tasty use of his famous screaming skull.

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Simon Morse

As well as owning the Dr Morse Tattoo Studio, Simon is a children’s book illustrator. This illustration was inspired by a photo our co-founder, Gabe, took on a cacao sourcing mission in the mountains of Peru, with Machu Picchu featuring prominently in the background.



After having fun collaborating on chocolate beers with craft breweries around New Zealand, we decided to see if we could create a chocolate bar using beer ingredients. The Craft Beer Bar was created, garnished with a Nelson Sauvin hop, a true shout out to all beer lovers out there. Milarky was the perfect artist for us to work with, exploring what a typical craft beer bar scene might look like with chocolate rather than pints!

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Mica Still

Mica, famous for her traditionally-illustrated work centered around animals, created this beautiful piece. She incorporated native flora, local colours and some of the amazing, unique creatures found in The Solomon Islands.

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Yoii took inspiration for this piece from the country we source our star anise from. After discovering the sourcing region was also a vital habitat for the critically endangered Chinese Pangolin, we wanted to celebrate this rare and peculiar animal and draw attention to its plight.


Michel Tuffery

This is the only piece in our collection which wasn’t commissioned. To many, Michel needs no introduction as an established New Zealand/Samoan artist. We are honoured to have this original painting hanging in our factory, depicting the preparation of the traditional cocoa drink Koko Samoa. The brown pigment in this painting was even derived from real cocoa.



Created in collaboration with the National War Museum. The ANZAC Chocolate Bar itself uses ingredients similar to those used in the ration bar the soldiers were given, which would eventually become the famous ANZAC biscuits, a Kiwi/Aussie tradition.

Misery tastefully created an artwork which had the input of many, including war historians and Sir Peter Jackson, who funded the war museum.

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Inject is our branding agency, based right here in Wellington. They put together all of our packaging and guide us through our various creative endeavours, check them out via the link below.