Our Values

WCF sources the finest ethically traded cocoa in the world. We pay premium for our beans, ensuring the highest quality and providing a better standard of living for the cocoa farmers and their families.

WCF was the first craft bean-to-bar factory to open its doors here in New Zealand, and we now produce the only certified organic chocolate made right here in Aotearoa.

The proof is quite literally in the pudding: our chocolate is multi-award winning.

WCF is constantly pushing the boundaries of chocolate innovation while creating and celebrating art in every step of what we do.

We make artful chocolate.

Our Process

There is an easy way to make chocolate: melt down industrially-produced, ready-made chocolate to make bars. Then there is the WCF way: start from scratch at the source of all great chocolate, the humble cacao bean.

Here are some of our painstaking steps for making extraordinary chocolate.

  • Hand Sorting & Roasting

    Hand sorting clears out any weird and wonderful objects that have tagged along on the journey from origin. Grading by hand ensures only the best beans make the cut - no skinny beans allowed.

    We roast in small batches, with a lighter roast than most industrial chocolates. This retains more of the natural cocoa flavour characteristics and health benefits.

  • Stone Grinding

    In the melangers is where the cocoa beans meet the rest of the ingredients. Stone grinding is a time-consuming process; usually at least 72 hours before we have a smooth chocolate liquor. We love the flavour this process imparts on the chocolate.

    We carefully measure the fineness of the chocolate to ensure perfect mouthfeel and the best flavour.

  • Tempering & Inclusions

    This is where we enlist our expert chocolatiers. Beautifully tempered chocolate should be free from bloom, have a lovely shine, and satisfyingly ‘snap’ in your fingers.

    It’s at this point that we sometimes add inclusions; extra special toppings for the back of the bar that make the crowds go wild.

  • Foiling & Wrapping

    This is our last chance to inspect the bar before it meets your trembling hands. The foil wrapping keeps the bar fresh and adds a touch of Wonka magic.

    Our wrappers are where some of New Zealand’s finest artists add unique personality to each and every bar. We finish up every bar with the same care and attention we would our own grandma’s birthday present.