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The Beans

The mighty cocoa beans in the WCF Hero range are from Malekula Island in Vanuatu. As part of our grower partnership we work with farmers and pay well above commodity prices so that the families and communities they support can thrive.

We pre-order bean volumes for each harvest, which means this reliable demand helps farmers to plan and build a local industry.

A lot goes into growing the mighty cocoa beans before the beans arrive at WCF.  When growing the trees regular pruning needs to occur to make sure that each tree can handle harvesting twice per year. Harvest is March/April and September/October, at this point cocoa pods are removed from trees and collected. Beans are then dried by the sun in solar houses to halt fermentation and develop flavour & colour before being sent to us.

Our last visit to Vanuatu was in 2022 and we look to visit regularly to discuss progress and future plans for this local specialty cocoa industry