Scapegrace Gin x WCF Limited Edition Gin Bar

Scapegrace Gin and Wellington Chocolate Factory have combined New Zealand's finest gin and dark chocolate to create a limited-edition chocolate bar, bringing together Scapegrace’s signature citrus notes of dried orange and lemon peel with Wellington Chocolate Factory's (WCF) Peruvian and Dominican cocoa.

It's the first time Scapegrace’s gin has been used to create a chocolate bar. Mark Neal, Marketing Director of Scapegrace, says they hypothetically knew chocolate and gin could work well together, but it wasn't until all the delicate flavours were combined that the magic happened. 

"In making the bar, we took the backbone to our signature gin (including pine notes of juniper and the slightly spicier/sweet notes of coriander) and layered WCF's chocolate with our signature citrus flavours. It is a smooth, rich, citrus juniper match made for heaven.  Despite both products having completely different profiles, they worked seamlessly - ultimately complementing each other and producing a totally unique chocolate bar," says Mark Neal.

The Scapegrace Gin Dark Chocolate has the unmistakable taste of a G&T. Gabe Davidson, Founder of WCF describes it as a top-shelf bar.

"We like our chocolate to take you on a flavour journey, and this bar delivers that in a surprising way; using ingredients not usually associated with chocolate. Starting with our Dominican and Peruvian base, you quickly taste juniper, nutmeg, coriander, finishing with orange and lemon peel. Anyone who has an appreciation for high-end spirits and craft chocolate will enjoy this bar," says Gabe Davidson - CoFounder of WCF

The Scapegrace Gin Dark Chocolate Bar is best enjoyed when paired with a bespoke cocktail, created to celebrate the collaboration. Mark Neal says their drink plays off the heritage of Peru, its native cuisine and produce, and the country's proximity to both the sea and Rainforest.

"We've called it the Huascaran Soda, taking its name from being the highest mountain in the Andes' which also signifies the point of divide between Peru & the Amazon Basin. Its flavour profile evokes tropical Custard Apples, Cape Gooseberries & Alpine Salt," says Mark Neal. 

Huascaran Soda

45ml Scapegrace Classic Dry Gin

25ml Fresh Golden Pear Juice

1 Teaspoon Tart Cherry Jam

1 Dash Orange Bitters

Pinch of Sea Salt

Topped Soda

Method: Shaken, Fine Strained & then built over ice in a highball and Garnished with Candied Orange & dried Tart Cherries.

The limited-edition Scrapegrace Gin Dark Chocolate Bar is available here and at selected retailers.  Stocks are strictly limited.