Wellington Chocolate Factory (WCF) has always been focused on a better-tasting world through its ethical and delicious bean-to-bar chocolate. Now, New Zealand’s original craft chocolate maker has found a way for Kiwis to choose a favourite pick-me-up that not only tastes good but does good too, with its brand new ‘Heroes’ range launch.

In a major expansion- the first since opening its doors in 2013 - WCF continues to cement its industry-leading approach and grow its footprint nationwide. Its new range includes Oat Milk Chocolate, Strawberries and Cream Milk Chocolate and Pacific Dark Chocolate in handy 25g bars - literally little bars of goodness that pack in a tasty treat and the highest ethical standpoint, making them true Heroes. Also available in a larger 75g size, the new range can be purchased nationwide at supermarkets, retailers and cafes - and every purchase of the new range supports Pacific cocoa farmers and their communities to thrive through WCF’s grower partnerships.

In a leading sustainability move, the bars are also wrapped in recyclable soft plastic, eliminating less sustainable foil. They feature wrapper artwork by iconic Wellington artist T.Wei, on a vibrant colour palette of bright blue, red or yellow, which will be instantly recognisable on the shelves.

While WCF fans may be familiar with the sweet and creamy plant-based Oat Milk Chocolate and the smooth dark richness of 70 per cent cocoa Pacific Dark Chocolate -  Strawberries and Cream Milk Chocolate is an entirely new offering. Sweet, summery strawberries in the creamiest milk are bound to make it a new favourite for foodies.

WCF co-founder Gabe Davidson says the new Heroes range enables Kiwis to choose a better treat in more ways than one.

“We’ve been making beautiful, ethical chocolate for almost a decade, and many of our customers buy this as a special gift or treat for loved ones and to enjoy themselves. We wanted to build on this and find a way to make it easier for people to steal a little moment to themselves so that when they’re looking for a chocolate fix, they can choose something that tastes good, looks good, but does good too,” he says.

“The range uses cocoa beans sourced directly from our Grower Partners in the Pacific, who we pay significantly above market rates. We’re working to grow the impact of the ethically-sourced beans we use to have a greater and more positive impact on the growers and their communities. This way, every time someone picks up a Heroes bar, they’re directly contributing to a fairer, more sustainable and ultimately more delicious cocoa industry too”.