We’re combining the best coffee and chocolate Wellington, NZ has to offer in our new Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar, made with our friends at Havana Coffee

Coffee Milk is the first flavour in a new range we’re releasing between now and Christmas, which is all about great New Zealand chocolate. The new Coffee Milk Bar builds on our partnership with Havana, which began in 2016 with a limited release Cuban-inspired bar.

Gabe Davidson, Founder of WCF, says the new bar is the perfect marriage between Havana’s Pacifica Blend Coffee and WCF’s creamy milk chocolate. “Like us, Havana takes pride in their craft, roasting some seriously good coffee. Their Pacifica blend is the perfect match to our 100% Fairtrade, ethical milk chocolate, and we’ve made something pretty special.

Creamy And Powerful, It’s A Velvet Hammer Of Coffee And Chocolate

"The new bar is the perfect marriage of our two favourite beans, originating from both sides of the Pacific - Vanuatu and Peru, both stoneground together with organic NZ Milk. We tried hard to get the ideal balance of cocao you taste, with the coffee you feel, " says Gabe Davidson. 

As well as making great chocolate and coffee, we also share with Havana common commitments to sustainability and ensuring the growers and communities we work with flourish. 

Lee Brown, General Manager, Havana Coffee Works, says these shared values are why the collaboration works so well.

"In creating this new flavour, it's been seamless and great fun from start to finish. This new flavour was born from a conversation about delivering quality to consumers, a desire to share the love and support other like-minded Wellington companies. 

"Our Pacifica blend is comforting - perfect for any time of the day. The flavours of wild vanilla, cacao and honeycomb produce sweet, buttery blend everyone loves. Amazing Havana coffee and WCF chocolate together – what's not to love?" says Lee Brown.

Coffee Milk closes the loop on another collaboration with Glow Lab. WCF husks are used in the new Coconut, and Cacao Exfoliating Body Bar and Havana's used coffee grinds are used in the new Roasted Coffee & Shea Exfoliating Bar.

You can get your hands on our velvet hammer here .