Cacao is nature's miracle bean. As well as being the hero of our award-winning chocolate, the husks from our beans feature in our first-ever skincare collaboration with Glow Lab.

Glow Lab's new Coconut and Cacao Exfoliating Body Bar not only smells delicious, it's great for your skin. Cacao is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. The new body bar uses the cacao husk to gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it smooth and soft from tip to toe.

Sustainability is a big part of who we are and the chocolate we make, and we're working to reduce our waste by up to 20%. Reusing our cocoa husks gets us closer to achieving that and reduces our impact on the environment.   

Husks from our Factory are usually supplied to tea makers, breweries or gardeners, or go to organic waste, so we're pleased to be able to find another use for them.

The exfoliating body bar was born when Matt Williams, General Manager of the Wellington Chocolate Factory, reached out to Glow Lab to see if they were interested in using our husks.

"Chocolate-making uses the nibs inside the cocoa shell, with the shell or 'husk' ultimately being discarded.

This waste is an issue for the industry, with the husk making up 30% of total cocoa bean weight.  Working with Glow Lab is a great opportunity to repurpose the cacao husk, known to have skincare benefits, and reduce waste in our factory," says Matt Williams.

Fenella Brown, Brand Manager for Glow Lab, says the bar is a great story of Kiwi businesses working together to create something new and sustainable.

"We pride ourselves on sourcing naturally derived ingredients with skincare benefits. The best part about this new decadent body bar (besides leaving your skin oh so soft) is using locally sourced natural cacao husks, essentially helping to close the loop. We can't wait for our customers to fall in love with our new exfoliating body bar. "says Fenella Brown.

Glow Lab is proudly made in New Zealand by a talented team of dedicated science and cosmetic chemists. They believe in the need for personal care products that are effective, natural, luxurious and affordable. 

The Glow Lab Coconut and Cacao Exfoliating Body Bar is available at selected supermarkets nationwide.